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Still Partners, After All These Years

“We’re a longstanding Sea Cliff bar.  Old school. Joy opened 28 years before Ray & I opened, and it was a bar for 70 years before that,” Dan Roth recalls, sharing the history of Still Partners in Sea Cliff, NY.Dan Roth and Ray Capone took over Still Partners knowing that the bar – the location – was an established spot for a drink in Sea Cliff.  Dan & Ray have known each other since 4th grade, and they recognized the niche that Still Partners could serve with the right vision.“ Still Partners is a music bar rather than a sports bar,” Dan says.


“We have a few tvs, and the games are always on.  But it’s the bands and the music that bring in our crowds,” Dan explains.  “The World Cup drew a big crowd for us, though. Bigger, actually, than the Super Bowl, which is interesting.” Sea Cliff has a thriving artistic culture that forms the fabric of the community.  Still Partners caters to the community by offering incredible music throughout the year.  

The Fall 2018 music schedule was booked in the late summer, highlighted by Dave Diamond & The Dave Diamond Band on September 7th & September 11th; Troy Ramey from NBC’s The Voice on September 14th; and Scott Sherrard, lead guitarist and musical director from The Gregg Allman Band, on October 13th.  

Dave & Friends is also booked for a series of shows – each with a tribute to a specific artist or band:  Dave & Friends take on Grateful Dead 8/27/72 on October 4th, Dave & Friends take on CSNY Deja Vu on October 11th, Dave & Friends take on Waits & Zevon on October 8th, & Dave & Friends take on Aretha on October 25th.

Moving into November, Finders Keepers is scheduled for November 2nd, Reckoning at Still Partners is scheduled for November 3rd, and Shecky & the Twangtones Return will be performing on November 9th.

Dan Roth is the drummer for Ride – a local band that includes Joe Ciampa on lead guitar, Kris Rice on vocals, and Nick Pinto on bass – and they headlined the opening night of The 2018 Sea Cliff Beach Friday Night Music Series.


“In the summer, it’s fun to perform a lot outside with Ride, and I sub as a drummer with other bands.  Once the Fall comes, though, people move inside, and Still Partners is booked solid on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights.  That’s time for us to get to business. We put a lot of time and effort into bringing great music into the Sea Cliff community and to the greater Long Island area,” Dan Roth says, reflecting on the popularity of the fall & winter music schedule at Still Partners.

While the music brings in a steady crowd, Dan & Ray work hard to offer an eclectic mix of seasonal drinks beyond the regular choices of beer, wine, & liquor.  “We pick our own beers, and we make sure to have seasonal varieties. You know, sours in the summer,” Dan says. “I was just at Garvies Point Brewery at their tasting room.  It’s very industrial, but super cool.  You order a pizza in the bakery next door, and they deliver it to the brewery.  It’s awesome,” Dan says. “We’re going to have the Garvies Point Sour Ale on tap today, actually.”

Beyond the popularity of their musical lineups and their strong selections of beer, wine, & liqueur, Still Partners has a popular following as a family restaurant because of its welcoming atmosphere for kids, especially in the late afternoons and early evenings. 

“When we first opened, the kitchen was in shambles,” Dan recalls.  “It wasn’t functional. We invested in new equipment, and my partner Ray Capone fixes everything.  Literally! We needed a good kitchen and tables to serve food. Ray built each of these tables as well!”

With a renovated kitchen and demand for a local restaurant for families, Dan & Ray hired John Doran to establish a menu and set up their kitchen.

“John is great at what he does.  He came into Still Partners and immediately set the standard for the food.  ‘Don’t ever compromise the food!’ became our mantra. John Doran set us up, and our current chef John Romano took the reigns and built on the vision we had when we initially hired John Doran,” Dan says, reflecting on the effort and time invested in the restaurant.  “Now we have families who come in after a day at Sea Cliff Beach and are on a first name basis with our waitstaff. The kids love the soft-baked pretzels, and the parents have a great selection of high-quality food.”

The inviting atmosphere is enhanced with signs, posters, & art that kids love to read. Kids ask their parents about the musicians; connections are made between songs heard in the car and what the bands looked like – and how they were promoted.  It gives a surprising amount of opportunities to discuss the history of music with kids.

If you’re looking for a fun night out mid-week, Triva Tuesday has become a hit at Still Partners.  Dan’s face lights up when explaining the popularity of this weekly event. “Jen Desane runs our Triva Tuesday, and it gets competitive.  Once people start drinking and realize they have answers to some of the questions, they jump in. It’s awesome!” This is another example of how Still Partners is not simply a bar; it’s part of the Sea Cliff & North Shore Community.

Still Partners has great relationships with a number of local non-profits and community groups.  “We’ve hosted fundraising events for North Shore’s SEPTA group, North Shore’s Arts Angels, and The North Shore Lacrosse Club.  It’s a great way for us to support the community while having fun. I sometimes get bands to play for free while all donations go to the cause,” Dan explains.  “Whatever the groups are trying to do, we support their mission.”

This year, Sea Cliff’s annual Mini-Mart is on October 7th, and Still Partners will be serving the community at the the center of the action.  Look for the Still Partners Beer Truck outside along with live music and people dancing.

Keep up with the latest music and events at Still Partners by following them on Facebook or visiting their website at  Or, stop in and have a drink. Generations of families have enjoyed drinks and food at this Sea Cliff location, and Dan Roth & Ray Capone continue the tradition as partners.

Still Partners is Located At:

Tom Kaufman

Tom Kaufman

Tom lives, works, & plays on the North Shore of Long Island. Tom is an active volunteer for North Shore youth athletic programs, and he has an uncanny ability to provide directions anywhere on the North Shore using local pizzerias as landmarks. Ask him!

Emily Cameron

Emily Cameron

Emily Cameron is a photographer from the North Shore of Long Island. Her latest book - S.C.L.I.N.Y. - is a celebration of Sea Cliff, NY and its eclectic culture. Keep up with Emily’s work and learn more about the services she offers at


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