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Tom Kaufman

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Locust Valley’s Christine D’Addario Proudly Presents “SEESCAPES,” a Fine Art Exhibit at The Adler Gallery

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting local artist Christine D’Addario at her studio located in her family’s elegant Locust Valley manor home. As we discussed her upcoming exhibition “SEESCAPES,” it was fascinating to see the home's classic mahogany interior library space transformed into her vibrant and colorful artist’s sanctuary. D’Addario spoke about the journey to create meaning in her life throughout her relationships with family, community and the art world.
The library in D'Addario's home doubles as an elegant space for Christine to work.

I was intrigued by D’Addario’s stories of how art has always been a driving force and her primary method of communication. From her time as the Art Director for D’Addario and Co. Inc. – the legendary Long Island music accessories company – to currently living out her dream of being a fine artist, D’Addario creates visual imagery to fulfill her personal needs & to touch upon the needs of our society and local community. D’Addario’s ability to strike this balance is one quality that contributes to her talent.

The North Shore serves as inspiration for D'Addario's work.

She also shared how life today can be challenging when raising a young family. “There are more distractions and stresses now than there have possibly ever been in the past. It is difficult finding ones place as a human in the golden age of technology.” Finding balance is a primary goal for D’Addario: she creates and shares her work for her personal benefit and for that of the viewer.


The beach & the ocean provide a calming subject for D'Addario to explore as a counterbalance from everyday stress.

D’Addario went on to explain that she turns to the sea for inspiration, feeling it “provides a source of renewal and power.” She visits often with her family to recharge in the Hamptons and locally on the North Shore. Moments near the shore provide the opportunity to observe and record her experiences so that D’Addario’s studies can bring greater feeling to her largescale masterpieces.

Her works are meant to counter balance the stress of everyday life by triggering positive feelings from within. D’Addario’s collection is a feast for the eyes with illuminating skies and golden sands. Both vibrant and calming, her works pull you in and make you feel as though you are standing right at the shore – instantly giving the viewer a much needed escape from everyday life.

D’Addario’s work is on display in The Adler Gallery, located in the Port Washington Public Library, for the month of June.  Viewing her exhibit is the perfect way to kick off the summer season or to hold onto the feeling all year long.

For more info about C.D’Addario:

Instagram: Christine Daddario Fine Art
Facebook: Christine D’Addario Fine Art

Tom Kaufman

Tom Kaufman

As a life-long resident of Long Island, Tom appreciates the unique personalities of Long Island's diverse communities. Tom’s insight into Long Island’s North & South Shores uniquely positions him to find the best home for you and your family.

Christine D'Addario

Christine D'Addario

Christine D’Addario is an award-winning artist who lives on Long Island, NY. Christine’s extreme love of art and the beach are combined in her exploration of seascape oil paintings. Her work has been viewed in many fine art exhibitions & publications such as American Art Collector Magazine. She has the high honor of serving as an alternate Juror for the historic Salmagundi Art Club in NYC. Click on Christine's picture to see her gallery of work & to learn more about her accomplished career.

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