How to Custom Build Your Dream Home: Know the Process!

I’ve been selling real estate on the North Shore of Long Island for nearly 50 years, and I’ve experienced it all! I’ve seen changes in interior-design trends, and communities have grown as developers bought land to accommodate growth & demand. And prices! Prices have certainly grown over this time. One constant, however, that I’ve seen in the real estate business is homebuyers always start their search with a list of “must-haves.”

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How to Plan for Your Move on the North Shore of Long Island

Over the years, I have owned a number of homes in the North Shore community. While fond family memories were formed in each of my houses, the process of moving is not one of the particularly exciting memories. At this point, though, I consider myself an expert at moving, and I have a number of tips I want to share to make the entire process less stressful for you and your family.

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