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Bloomsday in Sea Cliff: A Celebration of Community & Literary Brilliance!

Thursday, June 16th, 1904: a significant date in literary history. In his masterpiece Ulysses, James Joyce chose this date to introduce the world to Leopold Bloom by portraying a single day in the life of this character. Around the world - and in Sea Cliff! - "Bloomsday" celebrations recreate & revisit this novel & this day.

Sea Cliff residents & neighbors work hard to celebrate the arts. Sea Cliff’s “Bloomsday” celebration is an example of the value placed on the arts in this charming North Shore community. An outdoor celebration of life as depicted in literature, the “2019 James Joyce Jaunt” is a dynamic example of what makes Sea Cliff such a special community.

North Shore resident & Simply North Shore contributor Joe Stroppel was in Sea Cliff to capture the magic of this community performance and shared his photographs for you to enjoy! 

Sea Cliff Mayor Edward Lieberman enthusiastically played Blazes Boylon, while Sea Cliff resident Ann DiPietro brilliantly portrayed Molly Bloom.

Ulysses is the Latin form of the name Odysseus. Thus, from the title of this landmark novel, we are immediately aware that the story is inspired by Homer’s epic Greek poem The Odyssey. To commemorate the famous date from the novel, The Sea Cliff Civic Association hosts the “James Joyce Jaunt”, while local residents Dan DiPietro & Fred Stroppel chose 15 scenes from the novel to be performed by the 12-member cast.

The performance is filled with smiles and serves as a reminder of how literature & art can build & strengthen community bonds.
Dan DiPietro partnered with Fred Stroppel to adapt selected scenes from the novel for this performance.

Sea Cliff has a storied history as a community that celebrates the arts. Many local residents are artists, musicians, photographers, & writers. In addition to the James Joyce Jaunt, The Sea Cliff Civic Association sponsors the annual reenactment of the classic Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol. This event, similar in spirit to the Joyce Jaunt and featuring many of the same participants, is yet another example of the value placed on the arts by Sea Cliff’s residents.  To read more about this festive holiday performance, read my Simply North Shore article “The Sea Cliff Scrooge Stroll: A ‘Moving’ Reenactment of A Christmas Carol.”  In addition, local organizations such as the North Shore Arts Angels support arts education in the community & celebrate the work of young artists. The consistent theme here is that Sea Cliff & North Shore residents volunteer countless hours and invest their hard-earned money to make sure that all residents are exposed to incredible art! It’s inspiring to live in Sea Cliff!

Sea Cliff landmarks were the setting for the performance. Sea Cliff's architecture was on full display!
Local resident & attorney John Canning performs with Adam Friedberg. The characters moved through the community as the scenes shifted.
The actors met twice before the performance to prepare. The talent & enthusiasm on display was evident from the first line!
Heidi Hunt & Ann Blanton Friedberg enjoy a moment in the performance while audience members look on and smile.

Sea Cliff is characterized by landmarked Victorian homes which are the perfect backdrop for an event like this. To learn more about the Victorian architecture in Sea Cliff, read my Simply North Shore article “Victorian Architecture 101: Visit Sea Cliff!”  Many of the homes which were key parts of the James Joyce Jaunt are landmarked homes both locally and nationally. Volunteers on The Sea Cliff Landmarks Preservation Commission work tirelessly to faithfully preserve the characteristics of these beloved Victorian homes. 

As the performers moved through the community, residents & patrons stopped and joined the group.
Ann DiPietro recites a selection from "Molly Bloom's Soliloquy," a famous moment from the final chapter of the novel.

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Tom Kaufman

Tom Kaufman

As a life-long resident of Long Island, Tom appreciates the unique personalities of Long Island's diverse communities. Tom’s insight into Long Island’s North & South Shores uniquely positions him to find the best home for you and your family.

Joe Stroppel

Joe Stroppel

Joe's interest in photography began with his interest in railroad landscapes; his first exhibited photo was at the New York Transit Museum for the Art on the Tracks program. Joe won a scholarship to the Center for Railroad Photography & Arts Conversations (2016) conference in Chicago, IL. In 2016, Joe’s photo of a harbor seal - Wintering in Westhampton - won 1st prize in the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery competition. As a baseball fan, Joe is the photographer of his school’s sports team, the Summit Wildcats.

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