Tom Kaufman

Tom Kaufman

Richard B. Arnold Real Estate

282 8th Ave Sea Cliff: A Photo Tour

I sat down with Rick Arnold of Richard B. Arnold Real Estate to discuss 282 8th Ave in Sea Cliff, NY, a property he sold in August 2018. Rick has been in business in Sea Cliff for 48 years, and he is a lifelong resident of the North Shore community.

After discussing the home, we go to take a tour. “To me, this house is truly a ‘Sea Cliff’ home.  It’s literally built into a cliff with a view of Hempstead Harbor and Sea Cliff Beach,” RIck explains, eager to brag about the many features of the house he sold.  

We approach the home uphill, not looking at the waterview afforded to those on the porch.  I wanted my first view of the home to be focused on the house.

Just before we are level with the front door of the home, I notice the detail in the wooden fence and decide to take a peek at some of the plantings on the property. 

 The detailed exterior paint, customized in true Sea Cliff fashion, foreshadows the detail on the interior of the home.

“The detailed work on the stone pillars of the porch and the wrought-iron gate are striking,” Rick says.
“Beyond that lies a garden-like property surrounding the wrap-around porch which has magnificent water views,” he explains, knowing that I have not yet seen the water views.
I enter the gate - noticing the detailed wrought-iron - and the view of Hempstead Harbor & Sea Cliff Beach emerge.

I’m drawn to the edge of the porch to truly embrace the view, wanting to get the best possible angle.  My family and I are at Sea Cliff Beach all the time, and it’s amazing to see the beach from this angle.

We spend a minute looking out at Sea Cliff Beach and Glen Cove before Rick turns the conversation to the position of the house in a cliff.  “One of the cool features of the house is that it is built into a cliff. From the front it looks like a two story house. But from the back, you can see that the basement is actually above ground,” Rick said.

Rick leads me back up the stairs to enter the house from the front door.  Walking up the steps, I truly understand how the house is built in perfect unison with the land on this cliff overlooking the harbor.

We enter the front door and a beautiful staircase with custom woodwork greets all visitors, inviting us to explore this Circa 1868 Victorian home that has been lovingly maintained.  Rick initially priced the house at $1,199,000, and it quickly closed for $1,150,000. “You really need to see this house to understand it,” Rick says.

I notice that the design in the custom woodwork on the staircase is similar to the design of the outdoor fence. This attention to detail creates a logical flow between the interior and the exterior of the home. This design decision also speaks to the whimsical character of the home.

As we walk further into the home, Rick gives a detailed explanation of the interior space. “A tremendous amount of attention was paid to efficiently use the space.  There’s customized built-in furniture and beautiful custom cabinets throughout.” 

“There are three stories to the house, each with its own breathtaking water view and its own bathroom,” Rick says.

“And there are so many whimsical bonus areas to this property that make it a fun house to show,” Rick says with a smile. 

While walking down the 2nd floor hallway, we come to a wooden ladder built into the wall.  I look up, not knowing what’s at the top of the ladder. “Climb up,” Rick insists. At the top, I poke my head up to see one of the “bonuses” Rick mentioned earlier.

To the left of the ladder is a view of a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling.  To the right of the ladder is a full bed tucked into the loft. It’s a creative use of space that is very inviting.

“We should walk outside and around the house.  I want to show you the bonus artist studio. It’s a separate structure on the corner of the property,” Rick says.  

This building can be used for so many things with its perfect position in the corner of the property’s gardens. 

Finally, as we make our way back to the front of the house, Rick stops and asks a question.  “Did you notice the garage?” In fact, I assumed there was no garage.  “It’s across the street,” Rick explains. “That 2 car garage is part of this house.  It’s great, and the garage is on a flat piece of property so you can walk right into the front door.”  This bonus to the property is very functional. Without it, parking would be tricky.

One thing I love about this house is that it takes advantage of it’s unusual location on a cliff.  The built-in furniture and window placement provide endless views throughout the home.

In short, 282 8th Ave in Sea Cliff, New York is a true gem and one of the homes that makes Sea Cliff, NY such a unique Long Island town.

Rick Arnold is a partner at Richard B. Arnold Real Estate and has been in business for 48 years.  

Tom Kaufman

Tom Kaufman

As a life-long resident of Long Island, Tom appreciates the unique personalities of Long Island's diverse communities. Tom’s insight into Long Island’s North & South Shores uniquely positions him to find the best home for you and your family.

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Lisa Anselmo

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